Schroder. Your Oilfield Company.

A Name Synonymous with Oil Field Needs

Owned and operated by a Bigstone Cree First Nation member on the Bigstone Cree Nation Reserve located in Wabasca Alberta, Schroder Oilfield has been providing Innovative and Practical solutions for our clients since 2005.

Our broad range of oilfield services and extensive experience in the industry ensure our clients satisfaction in completing all projects. We hold a Certificate of Authorization permit with ABSA and employ experienced field supervisors and certified welders and pipefitters for all oilfield facility, construction and maintenance needs.The majority of our heavy equipment construction is in partnership with the oil companies performing cleanups, reclamation, building leases and roads.

At Schroder Oilfield our management is committed to providing active and complete support in complying with all provincial an federal regulations and legislation for all our projects. We strive to succeed by continuously communicating health and safety to all our employees, contractors and sub-contractors.

Finance Office: Phone 780- 891-3151 / Fax 780-891-3150


Office Administrator: Laura Lee Schroder
Corporate Affairs/Public Relations Coordinator: Joanna Schroder
Payroll: Paulette Auger
Accounts Payable: Paulette Auger/Connie Hunter
Accounts Receivable: Cindy Gullion-Davis/Ashley Schroder/Lyndsay Schroder


Accountant: Meagan Schroder

Fleet Management

Fleet Manager: Steve Raymond – 2169 Airport Road office
Fleet Administration: Jessica Cardinal

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